Taste the Goodness of Snappea


If dairy milk was plant-based, it would taste like this.​

Put off by bland, watery nut milks, we set out to make the dream dairy-free drink we’ve always wanted to see on the shelves. 

Turns out, peas were the answer all along! Velvety, all-natural, and as wholesome as they come 

– this is our labour of love to you.


Get to know the awesome ‘pea’ple and the mission behind Snappea! We are making a splash in the dairy alternative world.


Because they aren’t just fabulously delicious, but also high in protein, lactose-free, gluten-free…… and the list goes on.​


Snappea is not just another plant-based milk. We are here to do better than the boring watery nut milks. Watch out, dairy!​

Made From 100% Non-GMO Canadian Peas

Yes, we take world peas VERY seriously.​

Are you a Sugar-Free Warrior, Original Rebel or Chocolate Enthusiast?​

Simply Unsweetened

Hold the sugar! Who said that unsweetened products can’t be tasty? Subtle and bursting with nutrients, savour the taste of our 100% non-GMO, Canadian peas to the fullest.

Utterly Original

Have a touch of original sweetness to sweeten your day. Our Utterly Original blends the right tinge of sweetness and refreshing peas. Great for your tastebuds AND health!

Richly Chocolate

Ever wished that you could have rich chocolate milk with zero guilt? Our Richly Chocolate serves up half the sugar and 100% deliciousness. Oh, we also only use 100% pure cocoa too! STRICTLY NO FLAVOURINGS!

What the 'Pea'ple say about Snappea

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