Frequently Asked Questions

What is Snappea made of?

Snappea is made from the cleanest non-GMO Canadian Peas, which are rich in protein and have 0% cholesterol. 🇨🇦

Is Snappea Dairy-Free, Lactose-Free, Soy-Free, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free & Vegan-Friendly?

Hell Yes to all the above! This means Snappea is for EVERYONE. 😉

Can kids consume Snappea?

Of course and we think they will love it! 😍

How much protein does a cup of Snappea (250ml) have?

Each cup of Snappea contains 10-11g of protein, which is 20% higher than cow’s milk and 10X more than almond milk.🥛

Does Snappea contain calcium?

Yes! Each cup of Snappea contains 170mg of Plant-Based Calcium. 🦴

How is Snappea compared to other plant-based milk eg. almond milk, coconut milk and oat milk?

Lack of protein & not enough nutrients, does it sound like the plant-based milk that you normally see on the shelves? 😅 Hence, we created something better: Snappea! A dairy-free plant-based pea milk with higher protein than cow’s milk and comes with 170mg of plant-based calcium per cup.

About Subscribing Snappea

Why should I subscribe to Snappea?

Enjoy 5% OFF 🎉  + Free Shipping FOREVER 🚛  for all your Snappea subscription. We know Snappea is mighty (and heavy too), so let us do the heavy lifting for you and we will deliver you your favourite Snappea on a monthly basis. 😎

How do I subscribe to Snappea?

It’s really simple! Select the product of your choice that you would like to subscribe and click ‘Select Option’ 😉

On the product page, tick the option to subscribe and click ‘SUBCRIBE SNAPPEA’ button.

On the cart page, it will show the date and amount of the next renewal cycle. Click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” to complete your subscription.

Can I add-on a product to my existing subscription plan?

Yes, you can. Login to your Snappea Account and go to the product that you would like to add on and check ‘Add to an existing subscription’ box. By checking this option, this new subscription product will be added to your existing subscription and both subscriptions will be grouped under one subscription with the same renewal cycle.

Note *‘Add to an existing subscription’ checkbox will only appear after you have logged into your Snappea Account.

Can I change the flavour in my subscription?

Of course! We are more than hap’PEA’  to change it for you 😉. Simply fill up this Subscription Change Request and our friendly customer support team will change the flavours for you within 72 hours.🥛

When and how can I cancel / reduce my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime after your 3rd renewal order (i.e. 2 months from your 1st order date).

Simply log into ‘My Account’ and select ‘Subscriptions’. From there, you will have the option to cancel your subscriptions anytime after your 3rd renewal order.

How do I know the status of my subscription(s) ? ( If it’s Active / Cancelled / Pending Cancellation )

Go to ‘My Account’, click ‘Subscription’ and the status of your subscriptions made will be shown.

There are 3 statuses for subscription:

Active – This means the subscription is active and the product will continue to be delivered based on the renewal cycle.

Cancelled – This means the subscription has been successfully cancelled and you won’t be charged further. However, you can still resubscribe the subscription anytime in the future.

Pending Cancellation – This means the subscription will be cancelled at the end of the cycle and you won’t be charged further.The status will change from ‘Pending Cancellation’ to ‘Cancelled’ at the end of the cycle.

*Eg. If you subscribe a product on the 1st of January and you decided to cancel it on the 15th of March after the 3rd renewal order, the status will remain as ‘Pending Cancellation”. Fret not, you will not be charged further and the status will change to “Cancelled” on the 1st of April. 

Can I reactivate / resubscribe my previous subscription?

Yes, you can. Simply go to ‘My Account, clickSubscriptions’, click on ‘View’ and select ‘Reactivate’ / ‘Resubscribe’.

Snap healthier with Snappea!