The Snappea Story

One does not underestimate the peas… especially when there’s crazy PEAple behind them.

Move over, dairy! It’s time for peas!

Small in size but huge in power, peas are rich in nutrients and low in carbs. Oh, and they have tons of plant-based protein too!

Armed with our 100% non-GMO Canadian peas, we’re here to make delicious pea products that are accessible to everyone.

Who says peas can’t be exciting? Pffft!


Let’s get started with Milk and…… free the Cows!

Whenever we consume 1 glass of dairy milk, we:

emit 600g of CO2
use 1.8 sq meter of land
waste 120 litre of water

Finding the best Milk alternative

In search of the best alternative to dairy milk, we often left disappointed with the choices available in the market.

Many types of plant-based milk exist, but they’ve one thing in common:

Watery, bland, lack of protein & not enough nutrients.

The Snappea Solution

Put off by bland, watery nut milks, we set out to make the dream dairy-free drink we’ve always wanted to see on the shelves.

Turns out, peas were the answer all along! Velvety, all-natural, and as wholesome as they come. Armed with the power of these mighty non-GMO Canadian peas,
we created:

A delicious dairy-free, plant-based pea milk
full of nutrients with minimal environmental impacts.

#RethinkThePea with Snappea!